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Recent Histories: Press Release [Huis Marseille, Amsterdam]

Recent Histories: Contemporary African Photography and Video Art from The Walther Collection

Huis Marseille. Museum for Photography, Amsterdam
12/08/2018 — 03/03/2019

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Imagining Everyday Life Symposium: Review on Collector Daily

"What made this symposium so exciting were the avenues it opened to further discussions. Is “vernacular” still a viable term? What can everyday photographs promise, and in what ways to they capture histories that would otherwise remain hidden? What are the limits of self-fashioning? How can a language be developed to speak of this material other than aesthetically? How do such photographs move between the art and non-art worlds? What about pleasure? What about gaps—in knowledge, in intent, in reception and distribution? Most importantly, how can the fixity of the photograph be reconciled with emerging identities?"
-Anne Doran

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