Life and Dreams

Since the early 1990s, photography and media art have rapidly come to occupy significant positions in Chinese contemporary art. Life and Dreams: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Media Art (2018) shows the widespread adoption of photography, video, and digital imaging by successive generations of Chinese artists, as seen in a range of visually inventive and emotionally charged works. Many of them reflect the artists’ immediate responses to the unprecedented changes that have swept through China in recent decades, transforming not just the urban landscape, but also key aspects of social relations and everyday life. Some of the most recent media works employ elaborately imaginative and fantasy-driven means to suggest where those changes may ultimately lead the country and its inhabitants. Life and Dreams features contributions by Christopher Phillips and Wu Hung (eds.), Lu Yang, James D. Poborsa, Stephanie H. Tung, and Xin Wang; a conversation between Christopher Phillips, Artur Walther, and Wu Hung; and a selection of seminal early writings and conversations on Chinese photography and media art by Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong, Rong Rong, Karen Smith, Wu Hung, and Yang Fudong.

384 pages, 643 images; 25 cm x 25 cm; Cloth-bound hardcover with dust jacket; ISBN 978-3-95829-490-5; Published by The Walther Collection/Steidl in May 2018

Steidl Catalo Christopher Phillips Wu Hung Life And Dreams Contemporary Chinese Photography And Media Art 2018 Preview
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