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    Due to concerns relating to the spread of Covid-19, the Project Space is closed until further notice. Please check back for additional updates and more information.

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    Due to concerns relating to the spread of Covid-19, the exhibition premises are closed until further notice. Please check back for additional updates and more information.

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Samuel Fosso


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Santu Mofokeng


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Closed until further notice

In light of the increasing concerns and rapidly changing developments related to Covid-19, The Walther Collection closes its doors to the public until further notice – our priority being the safety of our visitors and staff worldwide.

We remain at work on our exciting 2020/21 program, including the release of two significant books on Samuel Fosso, together with a related exhibition in New York, and a retrospective exhibition on Santu Mofokeng in Neu-Ulm, Germany. In addition, we look forward to two more publications: Imagining Everyday Life: Engagements with Vernacular Photography, on our collection of vernacular photography, with contributions by 20 renowned scholars. We will also launch a first retrospective book project on the career of the South African artist Jo Ractliffe, whose work is an important part of our collection.

We will continue to support the work of photographic artists and think critically about the histories of the medium.

Find us also here:

On Instagram @walthercollect
On Facebook at www.facebook.com/thewalthercollection
By email in New York at .
By email in Germany at .

We truly want to hear from you.

We wish everyone health, safety, and calm in this challenging period.

Artur Walther
Daniela Baumann
Troy Wong

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Recent publication

TWC Imagining Everyday Life Cover

Imagining Everyday Life: Engagements with Vernacular Photography brings together 20 leading scholars and critics to consider vernacular photography. Defining vernacular photography by its social function rather than by its aesthetic features, the essayists reexamine these ordinary photographs in relation to power and ideology, as well as to gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality in the communities from which they originated.

Edited by Tina M. Campt, Marianne Hirsch, Gil Hochberg, and Brian Wallis.

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Recent publication

Samuel Fosso AUTOPORTRAIT Cover 2019

Autoportrait is the first comprehensive survey of self-portraits by Samuel Fosso, one of the most significant African photographic artists working today. Since the mid-1970s, Fosso has focused on self-portraiture and performance, envisioning variations of identity in the postcolonial era, reflecting themes in global visual culture, and covering the range of expressive applications of the photographic medium.

Edited by Okwui Enwezor.

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Recent publication

Samuel Fosso SIXSIXSIX Cov

SIXSIXSIX is dedicated to an extraordinary series of 666 large-scale Polaroids by Samuel Fosso. Made in his Paris studio between October and November 2015, these portraits further emphasize the particular themes of performance and identity construction epitomized in Fosso’s earlier self-portraits. The impressive size and volume of this book, featuring an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, courses a new trajectory in Fosso’s work: an encounter with the camera that is unmediated, repetitive, unabridged, and effected over space and time.

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The Walther Collection is an art foundation dedicated to the critical understanding of historical and contemporary photography and related media.

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