Esiebo, Andrew


Nigerian, b. 1978; lives and works in Ibadan


Andrew Esiebo’s photographic practice started out by covering the rapid urban development of Lagos and corresponding social elements of immigration, politics, and sexuality. As Esiebo grew in critical acclaim, he became drawn more towards the quotidian, and is now known for his nuanced photographic renderings of everyday life in West Africa. Spending time in barbershops across the region, Esiebo has said, "the barbershop is an intimate space where people come to discuss what they cannot speak about in their homes or in public, including politics and even their lovers. It’s one of the few spaces where people from different walks of life, from different classes, mix." Through a multilayered engagement with depth of field, space, and figural form, Esiebo creates complex images, in which one perceives multiple layers of meaning with each prolonged glance.

Artworks by Esiebo, Andrew

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