Sekgala, Thabiso


South African, 1981–2014


Thabiso Sekgala is a graduate of the Johannesburg Market Photo Workshop. His contemplative portraits of youth in the former Homelands of South Africa bear witness to the artist’s uncanny feel for the figure in the landscape. Through a combination of portraiture and landscape photography, Sekgala explores notions of collective memory, legacies of spatial politics, and conceptions of home. The artist’s softly colored images evoke tenderness, even nostalgia, yet speak of their subjects with an unflinching directness. With a constant, compassionate attention to color, light, form, and pattern, he renders careful, contemplative portraits of youth in the former Homelands of South Africa. Approaching the figure and the land with utmost respect and dignity, Sekgala’s images tell stories beyond apartheid, visual clichés, and social prejudices.

Artworks by Sekgala, Thabiso

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