Acts of Intimacy
The Erotic Gaze in Japanese Photography

1/19/2017 — 4/2/2017

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Conceptual Framework

The Walther Collection is pleased to inaugurate a yearlong exhibition series devoted to contemporary photography and video art from Asia, to be presented in thematic exhibitions in New York over the course of 2017. Stemming from the collection's first acquisitions of Chinese and Japanese photography in the early 2000s, and highlighting important recent additions, this program features an expansive range of photographic and video work exploring notions of performance, social identity, sexuality, and urban transformation.

Acts of Intimacy: The Erotic Gaze in Japanese Photography brings together three key photographic series by the Japanese artists Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, and Kohei Yoshiyuki—each of whom has given special attention to the role of eroticism and sexual subcultures in Japanese society.

For further information, please see our exhibition guide.

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