East of Que Village
The Ends of Nature

10/6/2017 - 11/25/2017

Yf 1756 Walthercollection Yangfudong Eastofquevillage 2007

Conceptual Framework

East of Que Village: The Ends of Nature is the third exhibition of a three-part, thematic series on contemporary photography and video art from Asia, presented by The Walther Collection during 2017 in New York.

A site-specific installation by Chinese artist Yang Fudong, East of Que Village (2007) is a six-channel video work that draws inspiration from Yang's distinct childhood memories of a village in Hebei, a Northern province adjacent to Beijing. Suggesting the isolation and bleak everyday realities of life on the outskirts, this dystopian aesthetic puts forth a deep meditation on the existential condition of contemporary Chinese life.

For further information, please see our exhibition guide.

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