Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)


Chinese, b. 1979; lives and works in Beijing


Lin Zhipeng, who works under the alias 223, is a key figure in the generation of Chinese artists to have emerged onto the international stage since the turn of the millennium. His work, often made in collaboration with friends and shared on social media, speaks of the desires and freedoms sought by his generation. 223 balances preparation and improvisation in his work, often bringing his signature textiles, fabrics and carefully chosen objects into the environments in which he works. For his exhibition at The Walther Collection, 223 proposed images which speak both of physical presence and the domestic realm. In both works containing bodies and in his more recent still life practice, 223 reveals his sensitivity to the beauty and expressive potential of the everyday, transformed through his unique vision.

"Sight, sound, objects, they all swing like velvet. They are a concoction of vulnerability, sensitivity, flirtatiousness, ambiguous desire and untamable skins. Everyone is focused on their own affect, while navigating in a secretly connected network."

Artworks by Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)

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